IOSS system in the Eu

Extra fast transfer of package data and package status. Our specialty is large data transmission.

Logistics & Customs

A modular logistics system designed according to your needs. Creation of customs software to order.

7/24 Service

We provide full support, hardware and software operation with non-stop customer service.
Big Data

Extra fast data accaptance and sending between the European Union and China.

We have more than ten years of experience in building the automatic program interface (API) of Chinese IT systems. Our specialty is the fast sending/receiving/processing of large amounts of data, building and operating a stable European-Chinese data connection.

Building an Automatic Program Interface (API).

We have a vast amount of experience in connecting with Chinese and self-made or other European systems.

Fast data processing, data display on a user-friendly admin interface.

Small package, pallet or container, air, sea or road transport, processing any type of data according to the customer's request.

Customs declarations, warehousing, delivery, package tracking, we have a software solution for everything.

We provide a fully comprehensive solution so that you dont’t need to worry about anything, our experts will install your new system, activate it, and show you how to use it. The age of paper and electronic spreadsheets is over, automating the entire process can ensure seamless and perfect performance.


We automate the entire warehouse process, package registration, entry and exit, customs declaration. After scanning the package, you will see everything you need to do with IT, while the system automatically checks the package in or out.


Data cleansing, address validation, package tracking, resulting in no lost packages. Fast and accurate delivery is one of the most important factors in achieving customer satisfaction.

IOSS Customs & Logistics

In 2023, our systems received, processed and forwarded more than 110 million package data to customs offices and last mile carrier services.

In 2023, our systems sent more than 350 million status tracking datas back to China.


How it works




Logistics system




Logistics system to expeditor


Last Mile Courier


Logistics system to seller

Chinese data connection and Big Data specialist

We have an automatic software solution for all your needs, from ordering to receiving packages.

The fastest customs clearance service.

Full service for warehousing: inbound-outbound automatic procedure, full tracking to make sure about your goods are in the best hands.

Address Validation System helps you to connect to all last mile carriers, we make your data ready. 

Last mile carrier connection and tracking.

IOSS Customs

Incredible speed, volume and compliance.

Advasy System

Address Validation System to all last mile carriers.

Logistics System

Automatic inbound and outbound, connected to cutoms clearance.

Package Tracking

We connect you to all last mile carriers directly right after the outbound and track your goods.


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